Happy New Year!

Hoping you all had a beautiful 2012 and are enjoying this first week into 2013! Wow can it really be a new year already?? Who else is blown away with the quick movement of time. 
We enjoyed a great Christmas here in Washington. It is wonderful to have family close, though I wish more of my family were closer.
I took a couple weeks off from working (almost off) and I am working hard at some beautiful and amazing NEW things for my business. Please be looking soon for Valentine minis. AND AND AND a new website!!! Exciting stuff going on. 
Enjoy your families and life live beauti-fully!


Sandra Salisbury Photography Family 2012

thank you for being Be-YOU-tiful

I have so many people to say thank you to! What an incredible year 2012 has been. It was a blessing to do more than 50 sessions and shoots for so many beautiful people. Taking pictures is not a job to me. It is a calling. I love meeting people and learning about them through my camera lens. Don't get me wrong, it is work and takes a lot of time to get it all in... But if you could see my face as I sort through images after a shoot (or see it as I write this post) - my smile is always wider than my computer screen and my heart is overflowing with JOY! I am so honored to be able to take pictures of people and give them back memories forever captured! This video is titled with the word "family" in it - I consider those who I photograph to be just that! I get to see you in person for an hour or two as the sessions take place. I get to know you for even longer when I pick out my favorite images and leave in the not so "perfect" shots that I know you want to see because I have grabbed that spark in a moment that I don't want you to miss out on! I see the love between husbands and wives, brothers ans sisters, mommy and brand new baby! I get to know you in moments that are precious and priceless! Thank you for every single moment!
Here is to another year of beautiful people and amazing memories! 


Baby "B" turns O N E

I Love this SWEET little man and how he has grown over his first year in this wonderful world! Here are my top picks from his cake smash . Stay tuned for his "your first year" post. 
His momma is a creative genius and is always impressing me with her ideas and concepts for photo shoots and BEYOND!